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The Professor of Adventure

Peter Macqueen ( Old Herbaceous) brings his latest character Millican Dalton to life, with beautiful characterisation, charm and attention to detail.
Sat, Mar 03rd | 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Venue: The Dixie Grammar School - Station Rd, Market Bosworth, CV13 0LE

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He smelt like a mountain goat, chain-smoked Woodbines and lived in a cave. Millican Dalton was a mountain guide, philosopher and self-proclaimed inventor of shorts. Leaving his stifling city job, Millican dropped out before it became fashionable and set out to seek romance and freedom living amongst nature in cabins, tents and caves for the next fifty years of his life.

It’s 1941 and Millican is in ‘the safest spot to escape the kind attentions of Mr Hitler’ - his cave in Borrowdale. But the Keswick ARP warden has just ordered him to “put that candle out” and the Borrowdale Hermit is far from happy...

Meet this true English eccentric, the self-styled Professor of Adventure, in a one man show celebrating his unique outlook on life, his philosophy and his continuing quest for freedom.

Written, produced and performed by Peter Macqueen of Theatre on the Lake,Keswick.

Professor-of-Adventure_web.jpgThis is a one man play which will leave you feeling you have been privileged to have spent an evening in the company of ‘The Hermit of Borrowdale’.
Peter brought his production of Old Herbaceous to Market Bosworth in 2015 and he now returns with his latest characterisation.He has researched Millican Dalton and brings him to life as ‘The Professor of Adventure ’.  Peter’s interpretation of Millican Dalton, this rather eccentric gentleman, is certain to be full of warmth, charm, interesting opinions and meticulous attention to detail.

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Running Time: 2 hours and 20 mins (inc. 20 min interval) 

TICKETS: £10 in advance, children £7
                 £12 on the door, children £7 
FROM: this site (see right hand box) Michaelmas House, and MBCL (library) 

CHILDREN: suitable for children over 12

Interval and Pre-Performance bar - wine and soft drinks available

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